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Witness comes forward to reveal Trump lied in medical records

For most of his presidency, Donald Trump has been sharply criticized for having avoided military service and specifically the conflict in Vietnam by claiming the foot condition of “bone spurs.” Now, we are learning that even the bone spurs were allegedly a lie.

The daughters of the late Dr. Larry Braunstein, a podiatrist based in Queens many decades ago, have told the New York Times that their father diagnosed Trump with the condition as a favor to his father, Fred Trump.

“I know it was a favor,” explains Elysa Braunstein, whose story was verified by her sister, Sharon Kessel. “What he got was access to Fred Trump. If there was anything wrong in the building, my dad would call and Trump would take care of it immediately. That was the small favor that he got.”

Dr. Manny Weinstein was also a podiatrist that the daughters believe assisted their father. Weinstein first moved into a Trump-owned apartment in the same year that Donald Trump received his military draft exemption. The daughters can’t be positive that Weinstein helped their father make up the foot ailment story for Trump, but they said their father “often mentioned” Weinstein when talking about the Trump scheme.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly feel safe as an American, knowing that this is the guy in charge of our military and he just pushed out his Secretary of Defense who was the one member of his entire administration that leaned towards some sort of sanity.

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