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US Military Officials Now Encouraged to Cut Off Direct Contact with the President

Donald Trump has decided to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria to keep his contacts in Russia and Turkey happy. The end results was that Secretary of Defense James Mattis resigned. Now, Mattis has advised even more U.S. military officials to cut off contact with Trump.

According to CNN, military leaders are going out of their way to avoid “interacting directly” with Trump. They don’t want to follow any more impulsive and destructive orders from him, so they are doing their best to avoid him. General Mattis told them they must do this for the good of the nation.

Mattis also discouraged senior officers from interacting directly with the President, worried that Trump might suddenly issue them orders — senior officers would have had no option but to do as Trump wished, according to a defense official, CNN reports.

General Mattis clearly doesn’t just think Trump is dishonorable, he also thinks he’s unqualified to offer intelligent and well planned decisions. It’s telling when a man who has worked closely with Trump over the last two years has this type of opinion of the president.

If this sounds like a soft military coup to you, you’re not wrong. By avoiding Trump, these leaders may be missing out on direct orders from the Commander-in-Chief. As dangerous as this sounds, as long as Trump is the President, we don’t blame them one bit. For the sake of this nation’s safety, this is probably for the best.

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