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Trump’s former aide goes public on him, Trump is fuming in private over it

The number of former Trump aides/advisers/associates who have written tell-all books or gone public with behind the scenes information about the chaotic and corrupt Trump campaign and administration just went up, as former White House aide Cliff Sims’ book Team of Vipers hit shelves recently.

The book paints a very unfavorable picture of what it’s like to work in Trump’s White House, and apparently has aught the eye and ear of the President, and royally pissed him off too.

Politico reports White House sources saying that that Trump is “very pissed off” at Cliff Sims for writing his book, which is another in  growing list of tell-alls coming out against Trump.

“The president is sort of champing at the bit to tap this guy and tweet something to the effect of, ‘I didn’t know who this guy was. He taped videos,’” a former White House official said.

White House advisers are cautioning Trump against attacking Sims, in fear of it giving credit to a guy who is “beneath” a person of Trump’s stature and power.

Trump has a habit of lashing out at people who expose him in book, including former aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who virtually said Trump is mentally unstable.

However, some White House sources say that Trump is bringing this on himself, as he keeps hiring people like Sims and Omarosa, who they say are untrustworthy. “The president’s been warned about lots of hires that shouldn’t have happened, and he’s still hired them,” the person said.

Perhaps if you don’t want people to paint a picture of your ineptitude and corruption, then a) stop being inept and corrupt, and b) stop hiring and firing people that will tell the world your dirty secrets.

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