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Trump Just Suffered the “Worst blow yet” in a Federal Court Room

After a very busy day in court for former national security adviser Michael Flynn, in which the former aide to President Trump was berated by a federal judge for betraying his country, a conservative columnist says these events might be a turning point for the Trump presidency. And not a good one.

After Flynn left the court without receiving his sentence and amid rumors he might have to give up something on Trump to avoid jail, the Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin said Trump’s power is slowly slipping away, and he knows it.

“A trio of developments on Tuesday underscore that President Trump’s power, like sand through an hourglass, is steadily falling. All of the usual tricks (distraction, lying, photo ops) will not reverse the downward trend,” she said, before going on to declare: “Perhaps the worst blow yet to Trump — and the aura of power that helps keep his cult-like following in a trance — occurred in a federal courtroom.”

“The judge postponed the sentencing for 90 days, leaving the distinct possibility that Flynn could face jail time,” she continued. “The shocking turn of events decimated the notion that Trump associates’ crimes are small beans.”

Rubin went on to point out that more possible legal roadblocks for another one of Trump’s former close aides weren’t the only major problem dumped on the president on Tuesday.

“Trump is in the process of folding on his border wall, for which he lacks political support. His press secretary declared, ‘At the end of the day we don’t want to shut down the government, we want to shut down the border,’” she wrote before bluntly adding, “Her boss had said otherwise.”

Rubin pointed out that Trump is closing the doors to his foundation, which may not keep them out of court.

“If he commingled foundation and campaign funds, there may be other civil and criminal issues. (In combination with his hush-money payments, one does get the impression Trump was reckless, if not contemptuous, of campaign finance laws.)” she explained. “Moreover, the attorney general is pursuing Trump and his children for repayment of $2.8 million.”

“In sum, today we saw just how little power Trump has over events. The prosecutors are closing in, his finances are being scrutinized, and he can’t even tell his base he delivered on the wall. Never has he looked so small and so weak,” she concluded.

You can read the entire article here.

Maybe tweeting and publicly speaking on pretty much every detail he knows about the investigations into his own life and presidency wasn’t the best idea.  No matter how much Trump tries to control the narrative through social media and his mouthpieces in the press, it’s becoming very clear that the judicial system and justice department still have way more power than Trump could ever dream.

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