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Trump just put America lives at risk with idiotic public brag, then Military mother lets him have it

Trump finally decided to visit some of the U.S. troops in a conflict zone over Christmas and the visit went as horribly as one might expect. He was clearly trying to smooth things over after the abrupt resignation of General James Mattis. During his visit Trump told the troops that they’d received a huge pay raise, which didn’t happen and then he exposed a secret military mission on Twitter.

This last minute trip was haphazardly thrown together, so while some protocols were followed, others were not. For example, some troops are not supposed to have their location publicized, yet Trump posted a video of them on Twitter, of all places. The video was just for Trump’s own self promotion, but he was clearly with members of the SEAL Team Five. Seal Team Five’s location was supposed to be classified.

Donald Trump also posted a selfie with the chaplain for the SEAL Team Five, confirming even more that they are in fact in Iraq where the President was visiting. The troops were just doing what the President wanted and are at no fault here. How were they to know this idiot would post it all over social media in an effort to make himself look better?

The secret Navy Seal mission has clearly now been potentially compromised, which means they will have to possibly abort their mission or put themselves in further danger now that people know where they are.

The president’s incompetence has yet again endangered the lives of Americans who are just trying to do their best for our country.

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