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Trump explodes into a total meltdown on NYE because he’s not getting his way

We’re becoming so used to it that we often skip right over it, but while most Americans were celebrating the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 on New Year’s Eve, President Donald Trump was throwing another temper tantrum on Twitter over not getting his funding for the border wall.

Trump, now in the 11th day with no end in sight of the government shutdown he himself is 100% responsible for, tweeted the following:

And then again blamed the Democrats for his complete and utter failure in getting the wall funding:

A week before the shut down began, Trump said he wouldn’t blame Democrats and that he would completely own, and even be proud of, the shut down.  Then Fox News told him he got played by Schumer and Pelosi and he reneged.  The Shut Down is 100% his fault, and once Democrats take the House back this week, his border wall funding may go off the table permanently.

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