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Trump Campaign Aide Spills Publicly – Mueller is Going to Expose It All

Sam Numberg was a campaign aide in Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign and had recently had some interesting thoughts on the results of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.  Numberg suggested to CNN’s Erin Burnett that Mueller is about to lay out a case “of a conspiracy to defraud America” by Trump and his campaign

Mueller’s office is “going to say the president knew that the Russians had hacked these emails [from the Democratic National Committee] — not that the president was involved with it,” according to Numberg.

Nunberg also explained that Mueller’s report will come to a  similar conclusion to that of the House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, that “ill-gotten gains” was what won Trump the 2016 presidential election.

Nunberg also pointed out the fact that that every person mentioned in a Mueller indictment has now been indicted or decided to “cut a deal” to save themselves.

“Roger [Stone] was referenced in a previous indictment with the [Russian military intelligence service] GRU,” Nunberg said. “I still think things are coming and the grand jury is still open.”

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