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Thanks to Trump’s PR Stunt Using our Military, Things Just Took an Ugly Turn

Donald Trump’s visit to the U.S. troops in Iraq was a haphazardly planned disaster in an effort to boost his own reputation. He’s refused to visit combat zones for two years, but suddenly, under the cloud of General James Mattis’s resignation, he headed on over.

He spent his time lying to the troops about pay raises: Trump told American troops in Iraq that he had given them a 10 percent raise, and that it was their first pay hike in a decade — but he didn’t, and it wasn’t. (Fact Check)

Trump also exposed secret U.S. missions by posting pictures to Twitter with Navy SEALs: Some troops are not supposed to have their location publicized, yet Trump posted a video of them on Twitter, of all places. The video was just for Trump’s own self promotion, but he was clearly with members of the SEAL Team Five. Seal Team Five’s location was supposed to be classified.

Donald Trump also posted a selfie with the chaplain for the SEAL Team Five, confirming even more that they are in fact in Iraq where the President was visiting.

It seems the impact of this trip is still rippling across the world and now things have taken an even uglier turn. Turns out that Iraq is not to happy about the visit. They are now so outraged by his appearance that some officials are demanding the U.S. withdraw all troops immediately.

Some government official of Iraq are calling Trump “arrogant” and demanding the withdraw, not politely suggesting it. We can’t wait to see how Trump tries to explain this one away or how he can spin this visit into a “win” for anyone but himself.

New York Times reports: “The most strident denunciations came from politicians affiliated with Moktada al-Sadr, the nationalist Shiite cleric whose supporters won the largest share of votes in parliamentary elections last May. Mr. Sadr has been an outspoken opponent of all foreign forces in Iraq.

Hamad Allah al-Rikabi, the official spokesman of the pro-Sadr bloc in Parliament, said Mr. Trump’s visit reflected “the recklessness of the United States of America in its dealing with others.”

The spokesman called on Parliament to “play its role and adopt a national, historical attitude and put an end to the frequent violations to the Iraqi sovereignty by the American government and to issue a decision to get the American forces out of Iraq.””
When other Presidents have visited combat zones, there was never a fallout like this. It probably helps that the other Presidents have been at least minimally competent and listened to people who knew what they were doing when it came to such visits.

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