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Special Counsel Robert Mueller releases a mountain of details that spell disaster for those involved

On Saturday, a mere day after Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed Paul Manafort’s sentencing memo under seal, the judge told Mueller to release a redacted version to the public. Well, lo and behold, it appears he has done just that, and what’s crazy is that it is an eight hundred page document.

However, once you exclude the attachments, the focus can be narrowed down to twenty-five pages. Within those pages are a lot of black redaction bars, but thankfully, there is also an ample amount of non-redacted material. Based on that non-redacted material, it appears the Special Counsel didn’t hold much of anything back.

While Mueller does not request a specific sentence in this newly-filed memo, we already know that Manafort faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in Washington.  However, in the memo, Mueller notes that Manafort “repeatedly and knowingly” broke the law and that “his criminal actions were bold” and went to “the heart of the criminal justice system,” with “no warranted mitigating factors.”

Additionally, as you work your way through the memo, you find that details are included about Manafort’s illegal lobbying efforts, both foreign and domestic, dating back several years before he went to work for Donald Trump.  Also, it includes details of crimes he committed while running the Trump campaign.

Needless to say, it’s pretty clear that Mueller and his team of investigators went through every square inch of Manafort’s criminal past with a fine-toothed comb.  And if that was the case with Manafort, then you certainly know that will also be the case with other targets, including Donald Trump himself.

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