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Senators side with team Mueller against Trump – and, boy oh boy, did Trump ever have a totally berserk meltdown

This week the Senate passed a bill that would ensure Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report would become public. The report would most likely have made its way to the public regardless, but this legislation shows just how important this report is.

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal was a co-sponsor of the bill and appeared on the Rachel Maddow show to discuss it. He mentioned that Donald Trump Jr. lied under oath to Congress during the investigation and used that as an example as to why the Mueller report needs to be public.

“A Special Counsel is appointed only in very rare serious circumstances involving grave violations of public trust. The public has a right and need to know the facts of such betrayals of public trust,” Blumenthal said in a statement.

Trump instantly took to Twitter to rant about Blumenthal. Trump posted a tweet that accused Blumenthal of all kinds of nonsense and called him “Da Nang Dick.”

Clearly, Trump did not like that Blumenthal just called his son out for perjury on national television. The quickness of Trump’s response suggests that he was watching Rachel Maddow, probably lying in bed with some food form McDonald’s. Trump has never hinted at watching Rachel on MSNBC, but clearly he is taking in all the reports he can.

It’s clear that Trump is concerned Blumenthal is right about Trump Jr. Perjury will be a hard charge to argue with in court and Trump must realize the evidence is there. As the walls close in on Trump and his family, it’s clear he’s getting more panicked by the minute.

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