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Roger Stone Caves – Reveals Donald Trump is in Trouble

Roger Stone has been arrested on seven felony charges that will most likely send him to prison for a very long time. The latest reports even suggest that more charges are on the horizon for him. Stone has now shared that he’s not the only one screwed, Trump is in the same boat.

Stone is already doing interviews with the geniuses over at Breitbart since he can’t get any time with the mainstream media. This week he told them that Trump is screwed because Mueller’s investigation is a “speeding bullet heading for his head.”

“It’s about the president. They’re coming for him. Anybody who doesn’t see that is naive. They’re coming for him, and they want me out of the way because I will speak out against it.”

“The president needs to wake up. This is a speeding bullet heading for his head. Not me. I’m just a small, collateral damage compared to him,” Stone said.

It’s clear he’s trying to cash in on any attention he can get, but that doesn’t mean what he says isn’t worth noting. He’s still acting like this investigation is a sham, when in reality he knows more than anyone what crimes they are actually guilty of. He knows how much Trump was involved and he knows what he’s already on the hook for.

Roger Stone is clearly hoping Trump comes along to pardon him, but that will only save him from the federal charges. The FBI raid on Stone’s home in New York suggests he’s also facing charges there as well and Trump can’t fix that. Stone is screwed and he knows it, and he apparently knows Trump is as well.

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