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Mountain of evidence released publicly that shatters Trump’s story – with documents to prove it

After BuzzFeed published a report that Donald Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie under oath about Trump Tower Moscow, Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced that some details of the report were inaccurate. Since then, BuzzFeed has come out full throttle with evidence regarding the Trump Tower Moscow.

Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani tried to insist that the Trump Tower Moscow was just a myth and that there were no real plans for the project. Since he’s not very smart, it wasn’t hard for BuzzFeed to track down the “business documents, emails, text messages, and architectural plans” for the project. The renderings of what the building would look like, with Vladimir Putin’s involvement, and more details do exist.

Robert Mueller didn’t share which details he took issue with from the BuzzFeed report, but by Rudy’s own account, the Trump Organization and Russia were negotiating Trump Tower Moscow until Election Day. This suggests Michael Cohen lied under oath about it. Trump was directly involved in the project, so was Cohen lying to protect him?

If there is proof that Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie, what is it? If Robert Mueller was looking to argue that Cohen wasn’t instructed by Trump to lie, he would have just outright said it. So, now more than ever there’s proof that the Trump Tower Moscow conspiracy is a real thing and there’s real evidence to go with it. Like a lot of major crimes, the cover-up will most likely be what brings it all crashing down.

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