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List of criminal charges Trump could face now released

It has now been revealed that federal prosecutors for the Southern District of New York subpoenaed records from Donald Trump’s inauguration committee. Considering the committee has long been rumored to be a front for illegal foreign bribes that went directly into the pockets of Trump, his family, and his allies, this news didn’t arrive with much of a surprise factor.

However, what was surprising is the specific charges the SDNY has outlined for the individuals it is targeting.

According to a tweet from CNN correspondent Kara Scannell, the list of the crimes alleged within the subpoena are as follows:

“Trump inaugural subpoena pertains to allegations of conspiracy against the U.S., false statements, mail & wire fraud, money laundering, disclosure violations, & laws prohibiting contributions by foreign nations and in the name of another person,” CNN correspondent Kara Scannell tweeted.

This is huge news because, in the end, it may actually provide some insight into the charges that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the SNDY are planning against Donald Trump and his family. How so? Well, if you recall, just a couple months ago it was reported that Donald Trump made personnel changes to his transition team so he could personally pocket inauguration donations. And let’s not forget the report involving hotel rooms that brought Ivanka Trump into the middle of the inauguration scandal, either.

Needless to say, if there truly is a criminal connection to be found in all of this, I can’t wait to see what Mueller and the SDNY’s end game is. I’m staying tuned, and I suggest you do the same.

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