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House Dems Now Locked in on Mitch McConnell’s Suspicious Money Trail

It has been a well-known fact that several top Republicans took large donations from a Kremlin oligarch named Len Blavatnik during 2016. The only reason they got away with it without much scrutiny is that he has dual citizenship. This situation has only further cemented the Kremlin hold on the GOP and finally, after all this time, it appears some of the key players will have to answer for it; starting with Mitch McConnell.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier is a key member of the House Intelligence Committee and has just been named to the House Oversight Committee. She appeared on MSNBC last week and stated that she has plans to investigate the financial connection between Blavatnik and Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

Let’s not forget that back in May of 2017, disclosure documents showed that Blavatnik funneled $2.5 million through a Super PAC to Mitch McConnell. The Dallas Morning Star reported this long ago. The money was technically legal, but it does show just how close to the line of inappropriate McConnell is connected. This could just be the tip of the iceberg on some deep criminal activity connected to this money.

Since about 2009-2010, Blavatnik’s money was spread across both parties, but something drastic changed in 2016. “Data from the Federal Election Commission show that Blavatnik’s campaign contributions dating back to 2009-10 were fairly balanced across party lines and relatively modest for a billionaire. During that season he contributed $53,400. His contributions increased to $135,552 in 2011-12 and to $273,600 in 2013-14, still bipartisan.”

“In 2015-16, everything changed. Blavatnik’s political contributions soared and made a hard right turn as he pumped $6.35 million into GOP political action committees, with millions of dollars going to top Republican leaders including Sens. Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham”, Dallas Morning Star reports.

Congresswoman Speier’s plans to investigate this connection is just a starting point. She publicly stating they are digging into the money trail, and the Blavatnik money leads directly to Mitch McConnell. Does that help explain why he’s been acting like a Russian robot protecting Trump for the last couple years? Perhaps.

It’s very likely that Special Counsel Robert Mueller already has this money trail under investigation. Buckle up, things are going to get interesting.

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