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Conservatives are now admitting the Trump presidency is going to end badly

As things concerning Donald Trump, the crimes he has committed, and his mental stability progressively worsen by the day, let’s pause for just a moment and offer up the reminder that we are only a mere twenty Senate votes away from potentially removing him from office. With that said, exactly how close are we to obtaining those twenty votes? Well, according to recent news, perhaps a lot closer than you may think.

If you don’t believe that, just take a look at what the right-winged, super conservative John Goldberg wrote in the Los Angeles Times pertaining to the matter:

“As we celebrate Christmastime amid an unnecessary and indefinite government shutdown and the worst December for the stock market since 1931, I’m reminded once again of my longstanding prediction: The Trump presidency will end poorly because character is destiny,” he wrote.

“Weirdly, it’s gotten to the point that when I say President Trump is not a man of good character, I feel like I should preface it with a trigger warning for many of my fellow conservatives,” he added.

The article also goes on to further illustrate why Goldberg’s believes Donald Trump’s incompetence and mental instability — both of which have recently resulted in a shuttered government and a wrecked stock market — have been the biggest detriments to his presidency.

“But his refusal to listen to advisors; his inability to bite his tongue; his demonization and belittling of senators who vote for his agenda; his rants against the 1st Amendment; his praise for dictators and insults for allies; his need to create new controversies to eclipse old ones; and his inexhaustible capacity to lie and fabricate history: All this springs from his nature,” he concluded.

Interestingly, while Trump’s nihilistic anti-government base is likely still behind him in full support, hoping he’ll burn it all down, traditional conservatives like Goldberg and the billionaire political donors backing Senate Republican seem to be at wits end.

And If money talks (we all know it does), then it’s likely only a matter of time before there’s enough of it out there, whether given or withheld, to sway the twenty GOP votes needed to oust Trump.

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