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Buckle Up: Michael Cohen is ready to spill the beans on Russia

Former Trump attorney/fixer Michael Cohen, soon to be serving a three year prison sentence for fraud and other financial crimes, may be ready to spill the beans about Trump and Russia after all.

For a while it seemed like Cohen would remain loyal to Trump and later like he was being intimidated by Trump and associates like Rudy Giuliani into being silent or lying for them, but now it really does look as if Cohen may talk. And that’s bad news for Trump, as few people know the inner workings of his business and Presidential campaign/administration quite like Cohen does.

Cohen has already lied to congress about Trump and Russia out of what he called “blind loyalty” to Trump, but according to a lengthy piece in The Atlantic, he is ready to set the record straight, giving congress likely more insight on the case than ever before.

Cohen is now willing to answer questions about what he’s told Mueller, according to two people familiar with his plans. The source has requested anonymity to discuss the private deliberations.

“The reason that he agreed to testify privately for the intelligence committees is, first and foremost, because he owes them,” one of the people familiar with Cohen’s plans said. “He pleaded guilty to lying to them and owes them an apology.” Cohen admitted in court late last year that he lied to Congress when he told them that negotiations to build a Trump Tower Moscow ended in January 2016, and that he hadn’t discussed it much with Trump. In fact, Cohen testified, he agreed to travel to Russia in connection with the Moscow project and took steps to prepare for Trump’s possible trip there after he clinched the Republican nomination.

Cohen is “more open to answering questions” about these and other Russia-related issues than he would have been in a public setting, according to this source, as long as he remains “secure in the knowledge that both committees will protect his testimony and prevent leaks.”

With this news, along with news that the Mueller investigation may be wrapping up in the coming weeks or months, it’s safe to say that Donald Trump, his family, and his closest aides/advisors/associates, are very, very worried about their future.

Check out the entire article over at The Atlantic.

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