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As Mueller closes in, Michael Flynn Jr. just went on a records deleting rampage

Michael Flynn cut a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller nearly fourteen months ago in an effort to save his son Michael Flynn Jr. At the sentencing hearing with a federal judge last month, he was told he needed to cooperate even more and now Flynn Jr. is doing something unexpected.

Despite his dad selling out his friends to obtain leniency for him, we watched as Flynn Jr. tweeted insane pro-Trump conspiracy theories regarding Mueller’s investigation and other federal investigations. Several people wondered why no one had reined him in, but when the federal judge told Flynn what was what, Flynn Jr. went radio silent.

In a very odd act, Michael Flynn Jr. has now scrubbed his entire Twitter account, deleting most of it. He might have just panicked or at least realized just how big of a deal this whole thing is. Even more, this could be a sign that something big is about to break.

As you can see below, there are two tweets remaining. All others have been deleted:

Flynn isn’t due back in court for a few more months, but based on the sentencing memo, which was heavily redacted, we know Mueller is ready with his evidence to take on Trump and Pence. It’s possible Mueller is about to make all of that public and Flynn Jr. has decided he better act like he’s not opposed to Mueller when it all hits the fan. Flynn Jr. realizes he does not want to be on Trump’s side when all of this plays out.

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