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Adam Schiff drops subpoena hammer news on team Trump after trying to dodge testimony

As bad as things are for Donald Trump right now, who is drawing nearer to the demise of his presidency, it appears things are getting much worse for Donald Trump Jr.

For the past two years, when Republican Devin Nunes was serving as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, there was seemingly no need for either one to worry about any charges coming out of the Trump-Russia scandal, as Nunes could have simply made it all go away. However, with Democrat Adam Schiff now running the show, that will not be the case, and Donald Trump Jr. should be very worried by that.

How so? Well, in a Fox News appearance on Tuesday, Schiff revealed that Junior is desperately seeking to avoid having to answer questions when brought back in to testify. In other words, this means he fears having to tell the truth and facing perjury charges as a result. And in a ludicrous stretch move, he has actually gone so far as to claim an unheard of client-client privilege excuse, just because his father is the president, which is just a ploy in hopes of holding onto that truth. The only issue with this nonsensical approach is that no such thing exists under the law.

And while on-air, Adam Schiff let it be known that the House Intel Committee would not fall for such an attempt. Instead, Donald Trump Jr. will have no choice but to comply with the subpoena, and answer all of the questions that the committee lays out before him.

Too bad Nunes isn’t around to rescue him anymore. I’m betting Junior wishes he was right about now.

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