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Adam Schiff Just Rubbed Trump’s Face in His Biggest Broken Promise to Voters

President Donald Trump has kept very few of his campaign promises since taking office, but none are more egregious than his (hollow) promise to build a big, beautiful wall on the southern border and make Mexico pay for it.

It was actually clear from nearly the moment he took office that he had no real plan for getting Mexico to pay for the wall, and if the wall would be built at all, the American taxpayer would be footing the bill.

As Congressman Adam Schiff (D. CA) points out on Twitter, it’s just one of the lies in Trump’s long list of lies, including who is responsible for the current Government shutdown (hint: it’s Trump):

With Democrats taking over the House of Representatives in a huge blue wave in just a matter of hours now, it is increasingly likely that there will be no compromise giving Trump billions of dollars to fund the wall, which also makes it increasingly likely he will leave the Government shut down on longer, further breaking promises.

“Broken promises” is becoming the defining characteristic of this Presidency. 2020 re-election campaign slogan, perhaps?

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