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Adam Schiff deals terrible day for Trump Jr. – And his father can’t pardon him

Now that Adam Schiff has held the vote and the House Committee has elected to release testimony transcripts to Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Southern District of New York, it appears the investigation is poised to ramp up and potentially land an inordinate amount of individuals in prison for perjury. According to one committee member, one of those individuals is going to be Donald Trump Jr.

After having witnessed all of Jr.’s testimony when it occurred, Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier revealed during an on-air interview on MSNBC that an official within the Trump Organization happened to commit perjury during their testimony. Oddly enough, Jr. just so happened to be the only individual tied to the Trump Organization to testify before the committee.

It’s certainly no secret that Mueller and the SDNY have been slowly digging and building a criminal case against Donald Trump Jr. in relation to the alleged espionage role he played with Russia during the 2016 election, his shady business deals in the Trump Organization, and God only knows what else, but a perjury charge completely changes the game. At this point, a conviction is seemingly inevitable.

And unfortunately for Jr., the bad news doesn’t stop there. You see, even if he briefly sweated bullets when his perjury was brought to light, he probably began thinking it would all be okay in the end because his father has pardoning power. However, due to state-level charges, he actually doesn’t, and therefore, the New York Attorney General would never allow a pardon to happen.

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